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Systems save you stress, time, energy and money; so let’s get Acuity Scheduling or Squarespace Scheduling set up to take the load off you and get everything flowing well in your business with an awesome experience for your customers.

Two Ways To Work With Me

  1. Want hands on help?

    Book a video call and get my nimble fingers on to your scheduler
  2. Just want me to do it for you?

    As a developer, I'm the perfect partner for those techie tasks you're struggling with.

Want Hands On Help?

Book a video call and get my nimble fingers on to your scheduler

Are you frustrated with emailing back and forth? Video calls with screen sharing are a super efficient way to work together and get you up and running in no time.

We can start completely from scratch, or jump in and setup anything you're struggling with - like packages or integrations or multiple staff.

So let's meet! Bring your big goals and dreams and let’s see what we can achieve together!

Book a Video Call

For the fastest turnaround times, jump in with a 1-hour call, or if you have a lot to get through purchase 3 or 10 hours up front and save. If you would like to upgrade to a package during your first call, no problems - just let me know.

Working Together Side by Side
Just Get it Done

Just want me to do it for you?

As a developer, I'm the perfect partner for those techie tasks you're struggling with.

Looking for a custom email design to impress your customers? Want a fancy-pants integration with your website for the smoothest customer experience? Need a CSS tweak to the scheduler for more control over your design? Struggling to get that Zapier workflow set up? These are all tech-wizard tasks that I have heaps of experience with.

Oh and then there’s the API and web hooks… I can also help you with integrating systems that don’t usually talk to each other and automating tasks specific to your business.

Book a Chat with Cat

Prices start at US$350. We kick off with a quick free call to talk through what you want help with, how long it will take, and an estimated cost for the job. With the details worked out, I’ll aim to start within 2 business days and keep you updated as I work. Note that API and webhook projects start at US$1150 with a longer lead time.

Cat in NSW Australia

Hello! I’m Cat and I’m an Acuity Certified Expert

I've been working with Acuity Scheduling since the expert program began in 2018.

For three years, assisting with Acuity has been my core business, and in that time I've worked with hundreds of businesses from diverse industries to help them set up and optimise their booking systems.

I am an expert on the core functionality, account settings, basic and advanced integrations; and have extensive experience of the API, custom CSS, and website embedding. I also provide advice and solutions on how to best to use Acuity Scheduling as a tool within your business workflows to optimise productivity and automation.

In 2019, Acuity joined the Squarespace family and Squarespace Scheduling was launched. Sharing 97% of the same functionality, UI, and integration points as Acuity Scheduling, my skills are 100% transferrable to the Squarespace Scheduling platform, and I have also been supporting clients there in a one-time and ongoing capacity.

Just A Few of My Happy Scheduling Customers

I feel so lucky to have found Cat! I was buried in confusion over transferring data to a new scheduling platform and payment system when I reached out to her in desperation. I was able to get on a call with her right away and it was immediately clear she knew what she was doing. She gave me the information I needed on my end and took it from there, seamlessly transferring all the data I needed in no time. She’s reliable, responsive, efficient and skilled. I recommend her highly!
I used Cat to help me set up and use the Acuity booking system in my bridal store. I can't recommend her highly enough. Her knowledge of Acuity and what it can do is exellent. She was very friendly and helpful even with all my further questions! Working with Cat has helped save us so much time, and has made the booking system a more convenient experience for the customer too.
I've worked with Cat for a couple of years now whenever I need help with my Acuity calendaring. She has always been very responsive and quickly solves the problems I've run into. Very knowledgeable with customizations. I highly recommend Cat and she's always a pleasure to work with!
Cat is breath of fresh air when you just want to hire someone to take over and get it done! She is a great listener, patient, and very efficient... not to mention that she has a cool accent. I would highly recommend Cat and her services.
My session with Cat was on time, targeted to exactly what I wanted (which was complicated and there was lots of it) and I was so happy with the outcome. And it was all completed in an hour’s session. It simply wouldn’t have been done without Cat's help.
Cat was attentive and patient but got right to it in a timely, professional way. She was very thorough and informative and by the end of our session, both myself and my admin felt much more comfortable moving forward with Acuity.
We were longtime Acuity users, for five or six years, and it had changed so much that we were using it very ineffectively. I was more than ready to throw the towel in, and had gone so far as to sign up and begin to set up with a competing software system, Jane. A few weeks later, I realized that setting up Jane was going to be equally difficult and much more expensive. Several hours were spent on the phone that were not productive. I felt like I was getting the runaround. I then attempted to find someone to help with Acuity, and I had to look around quite a bit before I was LUCKY enough to find Cat. I initially tried people who were based in the United States where I am, but I was not that impressed. Cat very quickly understood the heart of the issues we faced and completely and effectively worked out every problem we had. Now, I have a fully functioning Acuity software system that does everything we wanted it to do. Cat made it all happen. Every day I am very proud to use our software and I’m grateful every day for her work.

Let's Get Started Working Side By Side