Let's Work Together

I'm here to help you implement all those sexy ideas that you had for your business that you haven't got finished yet because you just can't wrap your head around the tech.

My Favourite Way to Get Results Fast is Working Side by Side

How It Works

  1. Think of me as your own personal tech advisor. Firstly I act as a sounding board for your big ideas and advise you on what's possible with how much work.
  2. Then we quickly get into the implementation. Our sessions together are highly practical and I will do a whole heap of work for you right there on the call.
  3. And here's the magic... because you're there with me, we can resolve anything else that pops up as we work right there on the spot. It's super efficient, you will learn as we go, and we can get your ideas implemented so much faster.
  4. For the fastest turnaround times, jump in with a 1-hour call, or if you have a lot to get through purchase 3 or 10 hours up front and save. If you would like to upgrade to a package during your first call, no problems - just let me know.

Done For You Tasks

Developer services are always done-for-you tasks (after all, you're not really likely to enjoy watching me write code). We kick off with a quick free call to talk through what you want help with, how long it will take, and an estimated cost for the job. With the details worked out and a deposit paid, I’ll aim to start within 1-2 weeks and keep you updated as I work.